New collaboration with Aussie coach and founder of FatForWeightLoss – Diet Doctor

Aaron Day is the founder of FatForWeightLoss, an online platform that helps clients lose weight with a ketogenic diet first, then allows them to reintroduce carbs without gaining weight back. He’s also an accredited nutritional therapist, advanced sports exercise nutritional adviser, and clinical weight loss practitioner.

Aaron named his platform FatForWeightLoss, as a jab at what society thought was making us all fat — fat! Whether you’re following a keto diet or simply a lower carb diet, Aaron believes that using fat in your diet can suppress hunger and help you lose weight and achieve better metabolic health. He has found that his most successful clients also eat adequate protein and use fat or carbohydrates as levers to reach their goals.

Aaron’s philosophy is simple and achievable in today’s world of extreme dieting and the plethora of unhealthy food choices. He believes that consistency wins over any diet. If you adhere to a specific nutritional protocol 80% of the time (26/30 days out of the month, or ten months out of the year), then you’re more likely to have long-term success. This flexibility leaves room for a healthy social life and a healthier family life.

“You don’t have to start out perfect, just try to be 10% better than you were last week! You can apply this to diet, exercise, and food quality until you reach a sustainable level for yourself and your lifestyle. Ask for help and figure out what works for you. The journey to health is different for everyone.”

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