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Keto ice cream FAQ

What is keto ice cream made of?

For our keto and low carb ice cream, we begin with heavy cream, eggs, and sweeteners, which make delightfully rich and highly satisfying ice cream. Our dairy-free recipes use coconut cream and almond milk instead of heavy cream.

Can you make keto ice cream with almond milk or coconut milk?

Keto ice cream without heavy cream? Try almond milk or coconut milk instead! Neither has as much fat as heavy cream, so the ice cream may seem a bit icy when it freezes. Let the ice cream sit at room temperature for 5-7 minutes to soften before serving.

Almond milk ice cream recipe

Coconut milk ice cream recipe

Dairy- and egg-free low carb chocolate ice cream

Keto ice cream without sweetener

If you find that ice cream is sweet enough without added sweeteners, then you can omit them. Fresh berries are nature’s sweeteners and can be used instead.

Does keto ice cream have sugar?

Avoid any that have sugar, corn syrup, coconut sugar, or other forms of sugar. Look for sweeteners that are on our approved sweeteners list such as xylitol, Allulose, erythritol, stevia, or monk fruit.

Why is my keto ice cream so hard?

It may be the sweeteners:  Any Diet Doctor recipes that use granulated sweetener call for erythritol, a natural sweetener. While we use erythritol because it doesn’t raise blood glucose, erythritol isn’t ideal for ice cream.

Ice cream made with erythritol freezes very hard and doesn’t yield the soft and scoopable texture of homemade ice cream made with sugar. Even adding alcohol or oils doesn’t seem to reduce the rock-solid results common when using erythritol.

One option is to simply let the ice cream sit at room temperature for 5-7 minutes to soften before serving. Another solution is to use a sweetener like xylitol, which, when used in ice cream, yields a familiar, picture-perfect scoop of ice cream.
Xylitol measures just like sugar and has about half the calories. Keep in mind that xylitol is toxic to pets and can cause digestive upset when used in large quantities.
For more information about xylitol, and other sweeteners, please read our guide.

Is keto ice cream OK to eat if you have diabetes?

Keto or low carb ice cream made with an approved sweetener is generally safe to consume even for people who have diabetes. Test your blood glucose if you have concerns. Read more about low carb sweeteners in our medically reviewed guide.

Is there a keto ice cream without eggs?

Recipe Yes! This smooth and luscious chocolate ice cream is dairy-free and vegan-friendly. You can enjoy it within four hours.

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