Is Taro Leaves Keto Friendly?

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Taro leaves are big, dark leafy green and heart-shaped vegetables that people use in various dishes. However, is taro leaves keto friendly? Let’s find out!

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What Are Taro Leaves?

Taro leaves are the leaves of the taro plant. And they fall under the vegetable category called dark leafy greens along with spinach and kale.

These leaves are heart-shaped and are commonly grown in subtropical and tropical regions. That is also why they’re a food staple in South Asian, African and Oceanic cuisines.

However, eating taro leaves raw is not advisable and can be toxic. So people usually boil them twice during food preparation.

Nutritional Information For Taro Leaves

Let us analyze a taro leaf’s nutritional information before answering the question, “is taro leaves keto friendly?”

One taro leaf weighing 20g has 4.8 calories, 0.1g of total fat and 0.8g of total carbs. It only has 0.4g of net carbs because half of its total carbs come from dietary fiber. Furthermore, it also has 92mg of potassium, 0.4mg of sodium and 0.5g of protein.

Is Taro Leaves Keto Friendly?

Yes, taro leaves are keto friendly and you can definitely use them for your keto dishes. One leaf only has 0.4g of net carbs and is packed with nutrients that can make a keto diet healthy.

A Philippine Dish Of Shredded Or Whole Taro Leaves With Meat Cooked In Thick Coconut Milk
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Where To Get Taro Leaves?

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