Is Salsa Keto Friendly?

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If you love Mexican food then chances are, you also love salsa! However, is salsa keto friendly? Let’s find out if people on the keto diet can also enjoy this spicy and tangy sauce!

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What Is Salsa?

Salsa is the Spanish word for “sauce”. And it has a similar meaning in English. But it specifically refers to the variety of sauces used as condiments for Mexican and Mexican-American foods. Especially the tomato and chili based salsa called “pico de gallo”.

Salsa as a condiment is used in a lot of foods, most especially for tacos and tortilla chips. Furthermore, it is made with different ingredients, but most commonly with fresh tomatoes, cilantro, Jalapeño, onion, garlic and lime.

Nutritional Information For Salsa

In this post, we will be analyzing the Tostitos chunky salsa’s nutritional information before answering the question, “is salsa keto friendly?”

A serving size of two tablespoons of salsa has 10 calories, no fat, 2g of total carbs and 250mg of sodium. It only has 1g of net carbs because it has 1g of dietary fiber.

Is Salsa Keto Friendly?

Yes, salsa is keto friendly. Most brands have good, organic ingredients. So, you can definitely enjoy salsa while on keto. Furthermore, it only has 1g of net carbs per serving and has no fats.

Salsa With Roasted Vegetables Served With Chicken Fajitas
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Where To Get Salsa?

You can create your own salsa at home or you can buy these from Amazon:

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