Is Sake Keto Friendly?

People have grown to love Japanese rice wine or “sake”. But a lot of these people might be on a keto diet and are wondering, “is sake keto friendly?”. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to find out!

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What Is Sake?

Sake is also referred to as Japanese rice wine. It is of Japanese origin and made from fermented rice. It is light in color, non-carbonated and has a sweet flavor. It also contains about 14% to 16% alcohol.

In Japan, “sake” is a general term for any alcoholic drink. However, in the US, what we know as sake is called “nihonshu” in Japan. And nihonshu is the traditionally brewed and fermented drink we are familiar with.

Nutritional Information For Sake

One serving (175g) of sake has 234 calories. It also has 0g of fats, 3.5mg of sodium and 44mg of potassium. In addition to all of that, it also has 8.7g of total carb and 0.9g of protein.

Now the question is – is sake keto friendly? Let’s find out below.

Is Sake Keto Friendly? Can You Drink It While On Keto?

No, sake is not keto friendly. It is a high-carb alcoholic drink that has 8.7g of total carb per 175g. Furthermore, it can slow down the state of ketosis.

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Keto Alternatives To Sake


Vodka, like Tito’s Vodka, is a good keto alternative to sake. It is carb-free but should be consumed in moderation. You can check out and buy Tito’s Vodka’s on their website.


This is another alcoholic drink that can replace sake while you’re on keto. A good brand would be Wild Turkey American Honey. And it is available at your local liquor store or from their website.


A good and keto friendly gin brand would be Seagram’s. Like any other keto friendly alcoholic drinks, you should consume this in moderation as it can slow down ketosis. You can check out Seagram’s Gin’s website to find the best place to purchase it.

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