Is Pho Broth Keto Friendly?

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Pho broth gives Pho, a very famous Vietnamese soup, its rich flavor. And people on the keto may be wondering, “is pho broth keto friendly?” Continue reading below to find out.

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What Is Pho Broth?

Pho broth is the savory liquid ingredient of the Vietnamese soup called Pho. This Vietnamese soup is very popular in Vietnam and is actually considered their national dish.

Pho broth is usually made from the meat and bones of beef or chicken. And Pho broth made of beef is called Pho Bo and Pho broth made of chicken is called Pho Ga. Furthermore, it is flavored with star anise and subtly spiced with cloves.

Nutritional Information For Pho Broth

Let us analyze pho broth’s nutritional information here.

One cup weighing 245g of pho broth has 47 calories, 0.8g of total fat and 7.8g of total carbs. However, it only has 5.6g of net carbs since it has 2.2g of dietary fiber. Furthermore, it also has 3.2g of protein, 269mg of potassium and is rich in vitamin A.

So now, let’s answer the question: is pho broth keto friendly?

Is Pho Broth Keto Friendly?

Absolutely! Pho broth is keto friendly because it is low in net carbs. It only has 5.6g of net carbs per 245g serving. Furthermore, it has no unhealthy ingredients.

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Where To Get Pho Broth?

Pho is usually served in Vietnamese restaurants. But if you want to make your own keto friendly pho broth, these cook books from Amazon will certainly help!

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