Is Passion Tea Keto Friendly?

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Passion tea is a refreshing drink perfect for summer! However, is passion tea keto friendly? Can people on the keto diet enjoy this drink? Let’s find out!

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What Is Passion Tea?

Passion tea is a refreshing herbal tea blend. It is best consumed cold and is therefore most popular in the summer.

Passion tea consists of a number of ingredients. These include hibiscus flowers, citric acid, cinnamon, lemongrass, orange peel and licorice root. Depending on preference, some people also add fruit juice extract to add more flavor to it.

Nutritional Information For Passion Tea

For this post, we will be analyzing Tazo’s passion tea before answering the question, “is passion tea keto friendly?”

When you check Tazo passion tea‘s nutritional information, you’ll see that a serving size of 8 fl oz has no fats and no carbs at all.

Is Passion Tea Keto Friendly? Can You Drink It While On Keto?

Yes, passion tea is keto friendly. It has no carbs and fats at all and most brands are free from unhealthy ingredients.

Summer Iced Drink - Passion Tea With Ice, Hibiscus, Lemon And Mint
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However, make sure to check the ingredients of some passion tea brands. Some of them have unhealthy and non-keto ingredients such as sugar.

Where To Get Passion Tea?

You can buy passion tea at local grocery stores or on Amazon.

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