Is Menchie’s Keto Friendly?

You love to eat Menchie’s frozen yogurt, but you have to follow a Keto diet. Now you have a question – is Menchie’s keto friendly? Don’t worry, this post answers your question.

We will analyze ingredients and nutrition value to determine if this yogurt goes well with the ketogenic diet.

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What is Menchie’s?

Menchie’s is a renowned American yogurt brand, having several retail stores across the United States, Canada, India, Puerto Rico, Bahrain, China, Japan, UAE, and more. The first store of Menchie’s yogurt was opened in Los Angeles in 2007. 

The brand produces frozen yogurts with different types of toppings and flavors. According to the company, their frozen yogurts contain genuine California milk. And you can verify this by checking the milk seal. 

Menchie’s is known to provide 100% vegan, plant-based yogurt flavors. And you can choose from a wide range of flavors such as Blackberry Burst, Blue Raspberry, Chocolate, Banana, and more.

But, is Menchie’s keto friendly? Let’s find out!

Nutritional Information For Menchie’s

Menchie’s sells a wide range of frozen yogurt flavors. Every yogurt flavor has a different nutrition value. Let us analyze the nutritional value of its popular low-carb frozen yogurt flavor, i.e., Chocolate Mint.

One ounce of Menchie’s low-carb chocolate mint gives you 25 calories and 5g of carbohydrates. Additionally, you get 40mg Sodium, 23mg Calcium, 1mg Iron, and 76mg Potassium.

If you’re curious about their products’ full nutritional information, you can check them here.

Can You Eat Menchie’s on Keto?

Is Menchie’s Keto Friendly? No, avoid eating Menchie’s while on the keto diet. Even their low-carb flavored yogurt gives you 5g of net carbs per 1 ounce. Therefore, you should look for a better keto-friendly alternative.

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Keto Friendly Alternative to Menchie’s

Vegan Yogurt Cultures for Health

Vegan Yogurt from Cultures for Health is a GMO-free, gluten-free, and non-dairy vegan yogurt. Instead of cow milk, it contains soy milk and coconut milk. And the yogurt has a mixture of complex bacteria that boosts digestion. It has zero carbs.

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