Is Lemon Tea Keto Friendly?

Do you love drinking lemon tea but is not sure if you can drink it while on keto? In this post we’ll analyze its nutritional information and answer the question – is lemon tea keto friendly?

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What Is Lemon Tea?

Lemon tea is a herbal tea that has a lot of health benefits. There are many ways to prepare this tea. You can either create your own by boiling water and adding honey and a few slices of lemon to it. Or you can simply add a bag of tea leaves in a mug of hot water.

Furthermore, some people prefer to add a few other ingredients to their lemon tea. Like honey, cinnamon, clove or even lemon zest. These additional ingredients enhance the flavor and health benefits of the tea.

Nutritional Information For Lemon Tea

For this post, we will be analyzing the nutritional information of Bigelow’s I Love Lemon Herbal Tea.

One cup of lemon tea (237g) only has 20mg of potassium. It has 0 calories, 0 total carb and 0 total fat.

So, is lemon tea keto friendly? Let’s find out below.

Is Lemon Tea Keto Friendly? Can You Drink It While On Keto?

Yes, you can drink lemon tea while on the keto diet. It is carb-free and has no unhealthy or non-keto ingredients.

However, lemon tea is low in fats. So make sure to supplement it with other keto friendly foods that are high in healthy fats.

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Where To Get Lemon Tea?

Most brands like Twinings, Yogi, Stash, Bigelow and Lipton sell keto friendly lemon tea. And you can buy them easily online. Here are the best options for you on Amazon:

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