Is Laing Keto Friendly?

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Laing is a classic Filipino dish from the Philippines’ Bicol region. A lot of people love it for it’s creamy yet spicy flavor. However, is Laing keto friendly? Let’s find out!

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What Is Laing?

Laing is a Filipino dish that is originally from the Bicol region of the country. The dish is also called “pinangat” in the said region.

This Filipino dish tastes creamy and spicy at the same time. Furthermore, it is made of whole or shredded taro leaves, thick coconut milk, labuyo chili and, depending on preference, meat or seafood.

Nutritional Information For Laing

Before answering the question “is Laing keto friendly?”, let’s analyze its nutritional information first.

One cup or 203g of Laing has 380 calories, 37g of total fat and 7.4g of total carbs. It only has 6.4g of net carbs since it has 1g of dietary fiber. Furthermore, it also has 10g of protein, 547mg of potassium and 425mg of sodium.

Is Laing Keto Friendly? Can You Eat It While On Keto?

Yes, Laing is a keto friendly dish and you can definitely enjoy it while on keto. It is both low in net carbs (6.4g per 203g serving) and high in healthy fats (37g per 203g serving).

Laing Is A Filipino Dish Made Of Whole Or Shredded Taro Leaves With Coconut Milk
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Where To Get Laing?

Laing is mostly served in Filipino restaurants. But you can also make your own at home and use the following taro leaves products from Amazon:

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