Is Konjac Flour Keto Friendly?

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Konjac flour is known for being a carb-free and gluten-free flour. However, is konjac flour keto friendly? Continue reading to find out!

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What Is Konjac Flour?

Konjac flour is made by crushing the starchy roots of the konjac plant, which is a plant native to most East Asian countries. It is, in the traditional sense, not flour but rather powder.

It is naturally carb-free and gluten-free and is used as the main ingredients for miracle noodles and rice. Other than these, it is also used to make snacks.

Nutritional Information For Konjac Flour

Let us analyze konjac flour’s nutritional information before answering the question: is konjac flour keto friendly?

When you check konjac flour‘s nutritional information, one scoop only has 10 calories. And it has no fats and carbs.

Is Konjac Flour Keto Friendly?

Yes, konjac flour is keto friendly because it is carb-free. Furthermore, it is minimally processed and is free from unhealthy ingredients.

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Where To Get Konjac Flour?

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