Is Hot Pot Keto Friendly?

Hot pot, a regional Chinese food, has emerged as a well-liked food experience globally. And people who are on the keto diet might be curious, “is hot pot keto friendly?” Let’s find out and learn more about this unique dining experience!

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What Is Hot Pot?

Hot pot, also called as soup-food or steamboat, is more than just a dish. Rather, it is a dining experience that originated in China.

The way it works is that, there is an induction burner or electric range on the dining table that keeps a pot of seasoned broth hot. In this simmering broth, you can cook a variety of raw ingredients. And this includes thinly sliced meat, mushroom, seafood, noodles, Chinese lettuce, dumplings and more.

And then when cooked to your preference, you can dip the ingredients into sauces for additional flavor.

Chinese people have different regional variations of hot pot. However, this has now spread all over the globe. And people get to discover and enjoy it.

Nutritional Information For Hot Pot

Hot pot includes a variety of ingredients. So, let us analyze the nutritional information of hot pot that has the following ingredients: sirloin, napa cabbage, tofu, spinach, rice noodles, rice vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, miso, sesame oil, fresh ginger, oil, garlic, scallions and beef stock.

One serving (494g), which is about two cups, has a total of 622 calories. It also has 35g of total carb, with 3.1g coming from dietary fiber. Additionally, you get 46g of protein and 33g of fat.

If you’re curious about the full nutritional information of hot pot, you can check it out here.

So, is hot pot keto friendly? Let’s find out below!

Can You Eat Hot Pot On Keto?

Yes. You can eat hot pot on keto. But only if you exclude a few of its ingredients. If we base it from the ingredients mentioned above, you should ditch the rice noodles and sugar.

The best thing about hot pot is that, you can always choose what ingredients goes into it to make it keto friendly.

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Where to Get Hot Pot?

You can enjoy hot pot in any Chinese restaurant. Or you can prepare it at home with your preferred keto friendly ingredients in your own hot pot pan. But if you don’t have one, you can buy hot pot pans on Amazon. Here are your best choices:

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