Is Garlic Keto Friendly?

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Garlic is widely known to enhance the flavor of many food dishes. But people on the keto diet want to know, is garlic keto friendly? Let’s find out!

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What Is Garlic?

Garlic is a vegetable that has been used as a seasoning worldwide for several thousand of years. It has been used as both a flavoring for cooking and as a traditional medicine.

It is an important culinary component of many dishes originating from Eastern Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Northern Africa, Southern Europe and parts of Latin America.

Nutritional Information For Garlic

Let’s analyze garlic‘s nutritional information. One clove weighing 3g has 4.5 calories, 0g of total fat and 1g of total carbs. It also has 0.1g of dietary fiber, meaning it has 0.9g of net carbs per clove.

Additionally, it has 0.5mg of sodium, 12mg of potassium and 0.2g of protein.

So, let’s find out — is garlic keto friendly?

Is Garlic Keto Friendly?

Yes, garlic is keto friendly. It is low in net carbs and has a lot of health benefits, whether it is raw or cooked. So, it is a great addition to your keto diet.

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Where To Get Garlic?

You can easily buy garlic at any local grocery store. However, if you prefer to buy online, you can do so on Amazon.

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