Is Folgers Coffee Keto Friendly?

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Folgers Coffee is a famous brand of coffee. And people on the keto diet want to know, is Folgers Coffee keto friendly?

Let’s find out below if this coffee brand can be enjoyed by people on keto.

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What Is Folgers Coffee?

Folgers Coffee produces ground, instant and single-use coffee pods. The brand was established in 1850 and is now sold in so many countries including United States, Canada, Mexico and Asian countries.

Since the early 1990s, Folgers has been the leading brand of regular ground coffee in the country. And some of their products include ground coffee in canisters that come in different flavors and types. They have 100% Colombian, Black silk, Brazilian blend, Breakfast blend, Classic roast among many others.

Nutritional Information For Folgers Coffee

Folgers Coffee has various coffee products. But for this post, we will be analyzing the Folgers classic roast coffee.

One cup weighing 237g has 2.4 calories, 0.1g of total fat and no carbs at all. It also has 0.3g of protein and 4.7mg of sodium.

Is Folgers Coffee Keto Friendly? Can You Drink It While On Keto?

Yes, Folgers coffee is keto friendly. You can enjoy the brand’s wide array of coffee products while on keto because they are carb-free and do not have any unhealthy ingredients.

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Where To Get Folgers Coffee?

You can buy Folgers coffee at your local grocery store or online on Amazon.

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