Is Cheese Keto? How Many Carbs In Cheese?

Cheese is a very common ingredient in many recipes, and in particular in keto recipes. But are all kinds of cheese keto?

How many carbs in the most common cheese options?

Learn more about the dozen most common cheeses and whether or not you can have them on your low-carb keto diet!

Is Cheese Keto?

Cheese is made by coagulation of casein, one of the milk proteins. 

There are literally thousands of varieties of cheese, including more than 1,600 in France, 1,800 in the United Kingdom, and 500 in Italy.

The major categories of cheese are:

  • Fresh cheese: Ricotta, Mozzarella, Cottage Cheese, Feta
  • Soft White Rind Cheese: Camembert, Brie, Chaource, Munster
  • Semi-soft Cheese: Edam, Reblochon, Raclette, Havarti, Provolone, Emmental, Swiss Cheese
  • Hard Cheese: Cheddar, Beaufort, Gruyere, Parmesan, Mimolette, Colby
  • Blue Cheese: Blue Cheese, Gorgonzola, Roquefort
  • Flavor added-cheese: Cumin Gouda, Chive Cheddar, Dill Havarti

Most cheese varieties are relatively low in carbs because the natural bacteria in cheese break down the lactose. The secondary reason is that cheese is made from the fatty, heavy layer on top of the milk.

As a result, most of the carbs that were present in the milk either stay in the milk or are broken down later.

How Many Carbs In Cheese?

Find below the most comprehensive list of carbs in cheese! The data is per once (24g) of cheese.

Cheese Carbs Fat Protein Source
American Cheese 2.5g 6.5g 4.6g [source]
Applewood 0g 8g 7g [source]
Babybel 0g 8.1g 6.7g [source]
Blue Cheese 0.6g 8.2g 6.1g [source]
Boursin Garlic & Herb 1.2g 9.9g 2.5g [source]
Boursin Light Garlic & Herb 1.3g 4.5g 2.6g [source]
Brie 0.1g 7.8g 5.9g [source]
Brie Danish 0g 7g 5g [source]
Brie French 0g 6g 5g [source]
Brie Truffle 0.9g 9.4g 4.7g [source]
Burrata 0g 7g 5g [source]
Camembert 1g 8g 5g [source]
Cheddar 0.7g 9.6g 6.6g [source]
Cheddar Burger Slice 1g 9g 7g [source]
Cheddar Medium 1.3g 10.3g 6.4g [source]
Cheese Curd 1g 8g 7g [source]
Cheshire Cheese 1.4g 8.7g 6.6g [source]
Colby Cheese 0.7g 9.1g 6.7g [source]
Colby Jack Cheese 0.5g 8.8g 6.8g [source]
Cottage Cheese 1.9g 0.1g 2.9g [source]
Cream Cheese 1.6g 9.8g 1.7g [source]
Cream Cheese Light 2.4g 4.6g 2.4g [source]
Double Gloucester 0g 10g 7g [source]
Edam Cheese 0.4g 8.1g 7.1g [source]
Emmentaler (Swiss Cheese) 0.4g 8.8g 7.7g [source]
Feta Cheese 1.1g 6.1g 4g [source]
Fior di Latte (Cow Mozzarella) 0.7g 6.3g 6.3g [source]
Fondue Saint Nectaire Cheese 0g 8g 6g [source]
Fontina 0.4g 8.8g 7.3g [source]
Fresh Goat Cheese 0g 8.5g 6.1g [source]
Gorgonzola 0g 9g 6g [source]
Gouda Cheese 0.6g 7.8g 7.1g [source]
Grana Padano 0g 8g 9g [source]
Gruyere 0.1g 9.2g 8.5g [source]
Halloumi 0g 6.8g 5.7g [source]
Havarti 1g 9g 6g [source]
Limburger 0.1g 7.7g 5.7g [source]
Mascarpone 1g 12g 1g [source]
Mimolette 0g 8g 10g [source]
Monterey Jack 0.2g 5.6g 6.9g [source]
Mozzarella di Bufala (Buffalo) 0g 5.7g 3.8g [source]
Mozzarella di Capra (goat) 0g 8g 7g [source]
Munster 0.3g 8.5g 6.6g [source]
Neufchatel 1g 6.5g 2.6g [source]
Parmesan 0.9g 7.1g 10.1g [source]
Pecorino Romano 1g 9g 8g [source]
Pepper Jack 1g 8g 7g [source]
Philadelphia Spread 1.8g 6.4g 1.8g [source]
Pimento 0.5g 8.8g 6.3g [source]
Provolone 0.6g 7.5g 7.3g [source]
Queso Asadero 1.2g 7g 6.3g [source]
Queso Cotija 1.1g 8.5g 5.7g [source]
Queso Fresco 0.8g 6.8g 5.1g [source]
Queso Manchego 1g 10g 7g [source]
Raclette 0g 8g 6g [source]
Red Leicester 0g 9g 7g [source]
Ricotta 1.7g 2.7g 2.7g [source]
Romano 1g 7.6g 9g [source]
Roquefort 0.6g 8.7g 6.1g [source]
Shredded Cheddar 6g 7g 0g [source]
Shredded Pizza Blend 2g 6g 7g [source]
Stilton Cheese 1g 10g 7g [source]
Taleggio 0g 7g 5g [source]
Velveeta 2.7g 6.2g 4.6g [source]

As you can see, most cheese varieties are keto-friendly.

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However, there are two important things to note:

  • Shredded Cheese often has added starch to keep it from compacting, upping its carbs quite a lot.
  • Despite being low in carbs, some cheeses should still not be included in a keto diet because of their relatively low fat to protein ratio. Remember that what matters is your macros!

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