Is Butter Keto? How Many Carbs In Butter?

Butter is among the most frequent ingredients in baking recipes. It’s often used to grease baking trays or pans. It can also be beaten, or even just added to drinks to make them higher in fat. But is butter always keto?

Are there kinds of butter that are higher in carbs?

Let’s have a look at butter, what it is, and whether it can be used on a keto diet.

Is Butter Keto?

Butter is made from the fatty portion of milk called butterfat. In fact, you can make your own butter from cream (or even milk) by churning it.

Since it is made from a very fat compound, butter is very keto-friendly.

Butter is even the lowest carb dairy product, far below cheese, cream, and yogurt. And of course much, much lower than milk.

How Many Carbs In Butter?

Butter normally has no carbs, quite a lot of fat, and almost no protein. This is why it is added to Bulletproof Coffee or Tea since the absence of carbs keeps you fasting!

There are a few kinds of butter. The table below summarizes their nutrient content. The data is in grams of carbs per once (24g) of butter.

Type of Butter Net Carbs Fat Protein
Regular Butter 0g 22.9 0.1g
Light Butter 0g 15.4g 0.9g
Clarified Butter (ghee) 0g 24g 0.3g

Dairy-Free Butter Alternatives

If you can’t have butter but still want to make recipes that are calling for butter, you should be able to use any of the following:

  • Coconut Oil: it behaves very much like butter in most recipes, but it’s a dairy-free ingredient. It has the other benefit of being high is fat as well but without needing to be stored in the fridge!
  • Vegan Butter: Vegan butter is often a viable alternative to dairy butter, but make sure it’s low in carbs. Not all options have as few carbs as dairy butter.

My Favorite Recipes With Butter

There are many recipes that use butter. Here are my favorites.

Keto Crackers
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Bulletproof Coffee
Cauliflower Rice
Keto Chocolate Pie RecipeKeto Chocolate Pie Recipe
sugar free condensed milk
KETO GARLIC BREAD Easy, Cheesy Stuffed bread sticks #ketogarlicbread #ketobread #almondflour #easy #lowcarb #cheesy #quick #best

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