Easy Chicken Smoker Rub

Chili powder or cayenne pepper – I do love a mix of chili powders in my seasonings and rubs. If you can get powders (or make them) of dried ancho or chipotle chili these add that sweet and smoky flavour to the meat. Add some spicier chili powders or cayenne powder for a bit of kick if you like spicy chicken.

Brown Sweetener – I use Sukrin Gold sweetener. It is a nice caramel-flavoured brown sugar substitute. Other brands that work well are Natvia and Lakanto. The addition to sweetener in a dry rub is to help with the crust formation (or bark) and caramelisation of the skin or outer crust of the meat. It is essential to this seasoning (I reckon anyway).

smoked paprika – you can use sweet paprika if you prefer to make a sweeter flavoured smoked chicken seasoning.

salt flakes – I always use sea salt flakes. Do NOT use any salt flakes that have added iodine. Iodised salt is very bitter. Salt helps the seasoning penetrate the meat. I like to brine with a salt rub before adding any seasoning if I have the time. Many of our meats are moisture infused MI or pumped with a saline solution, but I still like brine when I can.

garlic powder – a little goes a long way. Garlic powder is a great addition to any seasoning. (I have added a link for bulk onion powder. I don’t mess around buying little sachets from the supermarket).

onion powder – onion powder or onion salt can be used.

Mustard Powder – I love mustard powder in my smoker or barbecue rubs. It adds a bit of richness and tang to the best seasonings for barbecue, grilling, smoking and even frying.

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