Diet Doctor Podcast 106 — What can CGMs teach us about metabolic health?

Table of contents

00:00  Introduction
01:24  Nick Norwitz, PhD
02:30  Motivations behind the study
05:20  Curriculum updates in the nutrition training
09:03  Blood sugar doesn’t equal metabolic health
15:06  A potential pushback of the study
20:37  Response from the attendings about the study
27:43  The impact and the future of the study
33:10  Mark Czeisler, PhD
36:00  The change towards metabolic health
41:20  The concern with blood sugar in the study
49:18  Mealnie Hoenig, MD
50:02  Overall impression of the study
55:51  The state of nutrition training in medical school
1:00:43 Conclusion

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