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Sugar-free chocolate desserts

Chocolate can have a place in a low carb diet. When baking chocolate desserts, some recommended options include using a store-bought sugar-free chocolate, dark chocolate with 85% or higher cocoa, or unsweetened cocoa powder combined with your own sweetener.

Once you’ve chosen your chocolate, then you can choose from one of our delectable low carb chocolate desserts. You won’t be sorry!


Salty chocolate treat

Salty and sweet is always a treat! These perfectly portioned candies are filled with nuts, coconut, and pumpkin seeds.


Sugar-free milk chocolate syrup

Drizzle our rich chocolate syrup over fresh fruit, whip it into fresh cream, or just enjoy a yummy spoonful after dinner.

Sugar-free milk chocolate sauce


Low carb chocolate and peanut squares

Peanuts and chocolate make a tasty team in these decadent low carb brownies.


Low carb chocolate cake with Easter eggs

When it’s cake you crave, this low carb cake is the perfect combination of simple ingredients and extraordinarily rich chocolate.

Low carb chocolate cake with Easter eggs

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