150+ Easy, Cheap & Healthy Dinner Ideas – Diet Doctor

For a quick meal in less than 15 minutes, fry up burger patties. If you’re feeding a variety of picky eaters, you can allow each of them to choose their own toppings.

The low carb or keto eaters can eat their burgers bunless, but can enjoy bacon, cheese, mayonnaise as sides. Don’t forget the pickles, onion, and tomato!

For a different flavor, ground beef can also be cooked as crumbled, minced meat and seasoned with taco seasoning to create a taco bar, which allows flexibility for toppings like chopped tomatoes, guacamole, onion, cheese, or spicy jalapenos.

As an added bonus, taco bars require only minimal preparation and simple easy clean-up.

Ground meats are also perfect for making meatballs, which make easy, healthy, and versatile meals. Whether you’re using ground pork, beef, lamb, or poultry, meatballs are fun to eat, especially if they come with a delicious sauce.

If you are in a hurry, you can also make most of our meatball recipes as a meatloaf and bake them in a loaf pan instead of rolling out individual meatballs, which takes more time to actively prepare. Just be sure to increase the baking time, passive hands-free time, to ensure that the meat is thoroughly cooked.

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